Online class embossing

Great embossing projects without the use of machines and pre-made embossing folders

Unleash your creative potential and design your own embossed and gilded lettering.

This online course for embossing and gilding allows you to be independent of pre-made embossing folders.

We will start with the absolute basics. Once you know them, your entire learning process will become easier. At the end of the course, you will be able to create templates and design your own projects. Projects you will be proud of.


You are…

…. enthusiastic about sohpisticated lettering?

…. full of your own ideas that you would like to see embossed on paper?

… tired of only admiring the great work of others on Instagram?


You have….

…. no idea how to make such exclusive cards?

… neither the time nor the desire to gather all the information yourself?

… the desire to integrate a creative and meditative balance into your everyday life?


You want to…

… save money for embossing folders?

… be lead step by step to a great result?

… play with gold?


You answered yes to one or more of the questions? Then the online course Embossing & Gilding is right for you!

In my online course you find everything you need to learn embossing and gilding right from the beginning.

  • I share with you my complete knowledge in two course parts with over 20 video lessons. Compact, comprehensible and directly actionable. In addition, you will receive bonus modules in both parts of the course which complete the learning process.
  • You will also receive the extensive course workbook with facts, templates, and instructions to print out.
  • 3 months access to all course content: Complete all lessons at your own pace – comfortably and unhurriedly from home.
  • Different course options for every budget. Choose one of three course offers, depending on how much you want to invest and how much support you need.
Kalligrafie vergolden

• 20 video lessons • Workbook with templates and instructions • 3 months access • bonus material

We cover the content of a three day in-person workshop in this online class.


Three Course Options

Basic Version

If you choose this option, you will get access to all videos including bonus material as well as the workbook. You work through everything independently and can ask questions in the group forum.



Pro Version

If you choose this option you will receive all content from the Basic Version and you can also participate in two live streams with the group, where you can get feedback on your results and clarify open questions.

Premium Version

If you choose this option you will receive all content from the Pro Version and an additional one-hour solo coaching with Dörthe via Zoom in which you can get your own personal feedback and ask open questions. In addition, you will receive the exclusive telephone support with this module.


Your investment: 199€

Your investment: 229€

Your investment: 299€

What do you learn in the online course Embossing & Gilding?

Here you will find an overview of all modules from the first part: Embossing

geprägter Buchstabe

MODULE 01 Embossing


Before we start, we will clarify all the fundamental questions.

What awaits you in the course? How does it all work? What is in the workbook?

Arriving at the course….

MODULE 02 Embossing


OK, so we don’t need machines, but what tools and material do I really need to emboss?

You will find all material listed in the workbook and I will explain everything step by step in the video.

Werkzeuge zum Papierprägen
geprägter Rahmen

MODULE 03 Embossing


Surely you want to start embossing right away. I can totally understand this because as soon as you have unpacked all the tools you want to write and emboss great texts immediately. But let’s just clarify a few basics: what types of embossing are there and how do I create them?

MODULE 04 Embossing


In this module you will learn how to emboss a simple letter printed from your computer. This gives you an introduction to your practice process and helps you if you can’t write beautiful letters yourself.

This letter is used to familiarize yourself with the embossing process.

Prägen Hochdruck Tiefdruck
Texte prägen

MODULE 05 Embossing

Embossing your own letters 

This module is dedicated to creating our own designs. You will learn my tricks for creating lettering designs and transforming them into an embossed layout.

Don’t worry, if you’re not a calligrapher, you can still join in!

MODULE 06 Embossing

Assembling longer texts

Maybe you want to write and emboss longer texts now. I’ll tell you my tips and tricks for this in Module 6.


geprägter Text

MODULE 07  Embossing


You can wonderfully combine embossing with calligraphy text. I’d like to show you how I do this and how I design my layouts in this module.

Ready for the gilding part?


This is what people say about my online classes:

“I recommend the course [German Script] because it was built up step by step and with much attention to detail. I could learn and practice this calligraphy style at my own pace. It was also possible to contact the lecturer at any time and clarify questions.

The bonus with the creation of the collage booklet was my personal highlight, the result was stunning!

Truely recommended and I am sure that upcoming online courses will also be great.” Petra

“At first, I was a bit sceptical if an online course would be right for me, but Dörthe proofed me wrong.

The videos are super understandable and open questions could be clarified in the course forum.

The live streams were funny and entertaining. Here Dörthe has taken up course content again and demonstrated live and answered all open questions.

Thank you for this wonderful course.” Eve

“Great easy to understand videos, interesting practical tips, beautiful designs. I’m so glad I did the course. I never thought that as a totally inexperienced calligrapher I would end up getting such a nice result but Dörthe took us step by step.” Andrea

How does the online course work?

In more than 20 video lessons I will share all my knowledge as well as tips & tricks on embossing and gilding. Content is explained compactly, comprehensibly and logically structured.

You can watch the videos whenever you have time.

Each part of the course closes with a bonus part.

Each module contains a written summary and some templates in addition to the video lessons

You get access to our exclusive forum group. Here you can exchange ideas with other participants and ask me your questions.

For participants of the Pro and Premium version, we will organize a virtual live meeting after 4-5 weeks where you can ask your open questions and analyze your work if you want to.

We will repeat this live stream again towards the end of the course.

Only in the Premium version you will receive a virtual individual coaching and can contact me by phone for questions.

No matter which course version you choose:

You have access to all content for three months.

Registration period

You can register from now on and will be informed when the classroom doors open again.


Start of the Course

The course starts early 2023. On this day, all modules will be activated and will remain open to registered course members for three months.


Welcome, I am Dörthe

About 16 years ago I picked up the calligraphy pen for the first time because I was fascinated by beautiful writing. However, then I had children and calligraphy rested for a while. But never forgot about it completely. When I started again 5 years ago, I made a lot of beginner mistakes. I was also frustrated by the nib’s scratching and ink blobs and not being able to succeed.

Today I have my own studio, take on commissions and give courses for calligraphy enthusiasts.

However, the road was not easy and convenient. It took me a lot of time and nerves to acquire all the knowledge and the right technique and I am still learning.

In this online course I will make this way easier for you

From the very first stroke, I give you many important tips & tricks that are important in order to learn how to emboss and gild.

At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own designs and create wonderful projects such as gift tags, greeting cards or artwork for your home and for your loved ones.

See you in class, I look forward to teaching you.

Creative greetings


What will you learn in the gilding part?

Here you will find an overview of all modules from the second part: Gilding

MODULE 01 Gilding

Introduction to Gilding

In this introduction module I explain to you which types of gilding there are and show you which ones we will learn in this course.

Kalligrafie vergolden

MODULE 02 Gilding


Here you will get to know all the material we need for the two types of gilding which we learn in the course. You will also find a detailed list in the workbook.

MODULE 03 Gilding

Setting up your workspace

In order to gild without frustration, there are a few things to keep in mind when setting up the workplace. I’ll explain this to you and also show you an insight into my own work area.

Kalligrafie mit Blattgold

MODULE 04 Gilding

Gilding with imitation leaf and real gold

In this module, let’s see how the two gilding methods work and what to look out for.

MODULES 05 to 08 Gilding

Various gilding projects

After we have discussed the basics, I will show you 5 examples in practice in these modules.

Finally, you will see some of my work as an inspiration for your own projects.

Prägen und Vergolden

Is the online course for me if…

 I have no experience with calligraphy – I am an absolute beginner?

Yes! Even then, the course is the right one for you. You can make embossing stencils and gilded letters if you have no calligraphy experience. I’ll give you tips and tricks.

I have already worked with embossing folders and a Big Shot or similar machines?

Absolutely! In this course, you will learn how to create your own font or images/drawings and make yourself independent of stencil providers.

I don’t want to invest a lot of money in material?

You don’t need much to emboss. One embossing tool is enough, you might already have the rest in the house.

For the gilding part, you decide for yourself whether you want to use the cheaper or more expensive version. That’s why I show you both.

I don’t have much time in everyday life, but would like to get creative?

Absolutely. An online course is just the right format. You can work through all the lessons at your pace, even going back to a lesson when a little more time has passed in between practicing sessions. Therefore, you will always find a way to take a creative break next to famliy and work. In addition, the videos are mostly short so that you can always watch little parts of the class.

Do you have more questions?

Just send me an email to

Sounds great, how much does the course cost?

• 20 video lessons • workbook with templates and instructions • 3 moths access and support • 2 livestreams • in-course forum for exchange with lecturer and other participants • bonus material

The scope of the course is the same as a 3-day live course.

249 Euros